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Art Gallery of Canadian Abstract Artist Paula Boss aka “The Abstracted Artist”

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Altered Perception

Altered Perception showcases the subjects in this series of paintings by focusing in on some detail of the whole…the beauty as seen through the artists eyes are presented through abstract compositions to the viewer for consideration. The seemingly ordinary subjects gain eminence and the extrodinary subjects beauty is highlighted and enhanced through the focus being given.

Bold rich colors manipulated with delicate yet purposeful strokes are the painterly tools Paula uses to express her altered perception.

original non-objective acrylic painting "The Lace Chronicles #17" by Paula Boss

The Lace Chronicles

This series of paintings documents the development of what has become a signature process for Paula.  They are works of faith who’s final results rely on the laws of nature, what Paula calls, “The God Factor”. Planned structure, compositional shapes and color palettes meet the unknown to create an intricate and exciting visual feast that satisfies from both macro and micro points of view.  The convoluted micro detail in juxtoposition to the bolder macro shapes creates a dynamic energy that defines each work.