Paula Boss, the youngest of 5 siblings, was born and raised in Calgary, AB Canada. At the age of 18 she moved to London, England to work as a professional model. Her modeling work took her from London to Toronto, then to Japan and Spain. In her late 20’s she began the transition from being in front of the camera as a model to working behind the camera as a hair and makeup artist.

Daughter of artist, Agnese Benard, Paula always dabbled in artistic pursuits. It wasn’t until she was in her 40’s, living on Vancouver Island, that she was inspired to follow in her mother’s footsteps and begin to seriously explore her artistic talents. She is an intuitive painter, choosing to work in abstract and non-objective styles of painting. An avid and perpetual student of the “U of L”, Paula is a self taught artist. She uses a variety of mediums, oil pastel for its vibrancy of color, watercolor for its unpredictability and acrylic for its immediacy.

When asked why she creates art, Paula says,” I create art because it’s fun and challenging. We all have to grow old but where does it say we have to grow up?” Paula now resides in the quaint town of Unionville just north of Toronto in Markham ON Canada with her husband and partner of 40 years.

Artist Statement

To me, the creation of a painting is a wonderful adventure! You never really know for sure where the journey is going to take you. The process totally engrosses me. It’s when I truly live in the moment.

My abstract art takes the form of flattering the world I see around me. Taking a portion of the whole and showing the beauty I see within it. The genesis of my non-objective art draws heavily upon my instincts and intuition. My inspiration usually comes from the oddest of sources in my everyday life. Something just catches my eye…… a shape, a combination of colors, interesting light, whatever.

It is my desire that my art portrays the sense of awe and wonderment I feel for our world.

My art is about… the beauty in the details.