Have you ever had a really really good day that you didn’t want to end? Well, I had one of those day last Wednesday July 19th.

Having spent most of the day on the beach at Sibbald Point Provincial Park with a good friend soaking up the sun, swimming and of course…snacking, I came home in an absolutely fabulous mood.

CBC Radio 2 has been playing a song lately called “Save You” by JP Hoe. I just love it, the rhythm, tempo, musical transitions, lyrics… So much so that this day I found myself playing the song over and over again on Youtube.

Sportin’ the beach hair & no makeup look from my day at the beach, I took these selfie photographs of me listening to this song…having fun all by myself.

Yes, I know the photo’s are a little blurry and on the dark side but that’s not what this post is about. It’s about capturing and sharing moments of happiness and fun.

Having fun all by myself

…uh-oh! The Italian in me is coming out. The hands…they do a lot of talking!

having fun all by myself

We all have to grow old
but where does it say
we have to grow up?

Having fun all by myself

…ahh there’s the girl in me! So glad you had time to come out and play!

Keep your spirit young!