“Dead Heads”

original abstract oil pastel painting "Dead Heads" by Paula Boss

11″x 15″ Oil Pastel on Cartier Magnani 300lb Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

The flowers on my deck that summer were lovely and bountiful. There were Petunias and Nasturtiums, Snap Dragons and Nicotiana, Geraniums and Lobelia, to name just a few. As was my morning ritual, I had gotten up, made myself a cup of tea and headed out onto the deck to enjoy the morning sunshine and my flowers. Sitting at my stained glass table, drinking my tea, I noticed that my Cosmos flowers needed a little tending. Grabbing the clippers that were hanging on a cup hook beside me I proceeded to snip off all the faded blooms placing them into a pile on the deck railing. Though the flower blooms had withered and lost their glory, piled up all together like that, sitting in the sunshine, they were still a pretty sight. So I grabbed my camera and photographed the faded blooms that had been dead headed.