1Ch 4.2

“Flutter By”


Markham, ON

36″ x 28″ Acrylic on 3/4″ Canvas

With this painting a new element was introduced to my work. Representational shapes.  The inspiration came from a notecard depicting flowers and butterflies that sat in the window above my employer’s desk at work.  I liked the combination of colors so I photographed it to use it as a reference.  When referring to the photograph for the color combination, the butterfly outlined in gold sparked in me the idea to add the representational shape of the butterfly into the painting.  Little did I know that this would take on a more significant meaning down the road.  At the time the painting was created, my best friend had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  When she passed a year later in 2014, her sister had a blue butterfly tattooed on her shoulder in honour of her sister and now blue butterflies have come to symbolize her spirit here on earth.