“The Emergance”

11″x 15″ Oil Pastel on Cartier Magnani 300lb Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

“The Emergance” started from a photograph taken of a Christmas floral arrangement I had made for my sister-in-law to sell at the local Christmas Chaos Fair that is held annually in Duncan, BC. Within that image, at the bottom of the vase, was a composition of elements that caught my eye….this beautiful turquoise light emerging from the darkness that surrounded it. This painting has come to represent to me, hope. That out of a deep darkness something beautiful can still emerge.

When writing the title on the back of the painting I misspelt the word emergence but decided to leave it the way I had incorrectly written it…just because that’s life and shit happens.

Reference photograph for "The Emergance"

This is the original cropped photograph of the floral arrangement used as a reference for this painting.