1Ch 1.1

“The Lace Chronicles #1”


Shawnigan Lake, BC

original non-objective watercolor painting "The Lace Chronicles #1" by Paula Boss

9″ x 9″ Watercolor on 140lb Cartiera Magnani Watercolor Paper

I’m always talking about inspiration…and how it can come from the most unusual sources.  Take, “The Lace Chronicles #1” for instance.  The color palette for this painting came from a pair of sleeves…just a pair of sleeves that had beem removed from a garment but the fabric being so pretty was not thrown away but tucked away until they were discovered again by me.  And the inspiration for the border, well, that came from my modelling days when the photographers would sometimes print their photographs with rough irregular borders.  I always liked that.  Two different inspirations from two different sources inspire one painting and we have the beginning of 1st Chronicles…OMG

photo of the sleeve that was the color palette inspiration for The Lace Chronicles #1

Photo of the sleeve that was the color inspiration for The Lace Chronicles #1