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“The Lace Chronicles #12”


Shawnigan Lake, BC

original non-objective acrylic painting "The Lace Chronicles #12" by Paula Boss

9″ x 12″ Acrylic on Canvas Board

This painting is a result of one mistake after another. I pushed the process farther than I should have which left me back paddling to get the medium under control. The back of the canvas board is a testament to this fact. But out of this mess a new dimension was added to the work. In my attempt to salvage the painting, I decided to paint out the hideous color of mud that my mistakes had created with black. The significant alteration to the paintings perspective with the addition of the black background was profound. It would become a technique I would employ later on, on purpose.

back of Lace Chronicles #12 showing mess

Messy back of “The Lace Chronicles #12”