“Unexpected Pleasantries”

original abstract oil pastel painting "Unexpected Pleasantries by Paula Boss"

11″x 15″ Oil Pastel on Cartier Magnani 300lb Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

“Unexpected Pleasantries” had a humble beginning. Something unexpectedly beautiful was born out of the ordinary and mundane routine of daily life. Who would figure that what started as a chore… cleaning up your kitchen, would end up as a work of art. But that day, there were colourful silk flowers and a pair of earrings that I had made lying on my kitchen island. As I gathered everything together to put them away, the sunlight from the skylight in the kitchen shone upon the pile of flowers and illuminated the red glass bead earrings. I grabbed my digital camera and started snapping away.

Armed with my photo and my new oil pastels, a 40 piece set of Holbein Oil Pastels and some individual Sennelier Oil Pastels I went to work.

 My Holbein Oil Pastel Set and Sennelier Oil Pastels

My Holbein Oil Pastel Set and Sennelier Oil Pastels